Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Santa Elf Doll from "Tildas Christmas Ideas" by Tone Finnager.

I made this Santa Doll last year from a pattern in the book Tilda's Christmas Ideas by Tone Finnager. The doll is pretty tall, about 18 inches tall, but it's arms and legs are very skinny. I finally finished it this year!
My Crazy Santa Doll from "Tilda Christmas Ideas" by Tone Finnager.

First I had to sew the doll body and stuff it. Then you make the clothes and finally you embellish the Santa to give it some personality. My Santa does not look all tidy and organized like the book. Mine looks like a slightly wild elf that went a little crazy with the Christmas colors. 

I had fun making Mr. Santa Elf, but I didn't finish him for 1 year. He just sat next to my desk without his pocket sewn and no buttons, with his disheveled beard. So this year I finally gave him some buttons that look like suckers and some bows and some bells on his toes, and one on his hat. I left his beard the way it was and called him done!!!

I can identify with my Santa Elf. This Christmas I was a little disheveled, a little haphazard with my holiday outfits, with a bewildered stiff-in-the-arms look on my face, but ready to take on the holidays none the less.

Merry Christmas, from me and my Beardy Santa Elf!

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