Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2014 Tag - Playing along with the Tim Holtz tags of 2014 - March

Here's my March tag based on the Tim Holtz tutorial for March that is part of his 12 tags of 2014.

I really struggled with this tag. I smudged all the stamps. I spattered, and I stenciled. It wasn't working all that well. I didn't have an egg stamp so I inked through an oval stencil shape, then I used a Tim Holtz spatter stamp through the oval stencil to make the speckles. My bird smudge is so smudged, you can hardly see it. I found a nest stamp I didn't even know I had. I spattered through a bird wing stencil but you can't see it very well as the tag is so light. As one point I didn't like the tag, so I sanded all the stuff off almost completely.

So I just kept trying until I gave up and went to do some yard work as it's been unusually warm outside. It was while I was doing some yard work, that some birds were being especially noisy. Then a large family of quail were loudly chirping in several back yards in my neighborhood. They were extremely busy as they always are at this time of year. As I was surrounded by many different bird species that were all very excited by the warm weather and the recent rains that bring worms, it struck me that each year they come to my yard to my trees and they rebuild their nests. It doesn't matter what happened the year before, or how nice their nest was last year, they must always rebuild. So the birdies gave me the inspiration I needed to finish.

It was a good lesson for me.

 So I decided to leave my smudgie tag a lone and let it be a creative process.

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.

Thanks birdies for teaching me a lesson I needed.

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