Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013 Tag based on Tim Holtz tags of 2013

Here is my June 2013 Doodle Bird Tag based on the Tim Holtz June 2013 tag tutorial!


So I really like the new "Smash" owl slider embellishment
from K&Company I had and I was wishing they had a stamp of the image so I could color it for my tag, so I decided to try my hand at drawing a doodle owl with my pens! So buy these embellishments!!! They are so cute!
 I like doodling, and it turned out great! The doodle experiment was very fun, so thanks to K&Company for their great design!!!  I'll be hoping they come out with the stamp someday!!! I already used the smash owl embellishment on another scrapbook project. I tried to make my doodle owl different than the original, but it turned out looking so much like the original I felt a little silly.

So I had to draw a different doodle bird so it wouldn't look so much like the original. Here's my zig water-proof pen version on watercolor paper. I started to freehand it with a pencil first, then I became bold and started to have more fun and just go for it with the pen! Living la-vida-loca with the pen! (I once created a Samoan floor mat on canvas with a sharpie!)

Then I water colored it using pens and the water pen.

Then I had fun painting some tags with distress paints, making another tag with gear patterned paper, then I stamped and embossed over the tag with several colors of embossing powder. Then I used distress inks around the edges. So I'm liking all the color! The Tim Holtz stamp I used is my favorite!!! It's got messy dots and splotches and works for everything so I always end up using it. I also love the gear stamp I have, although I can't remember who makes it. Gears and splotches, love them!

 So here's the doodle owl I used for my original tag that looked so much like the "Smash" owl, I felt bad and couldn't use it.

I wanted the text of the tag to say something about true colors, but I ran out of room on the tags.

So I had fun drawing the great doodle owl, and the doodle bird and thanks to K&Company for the inspiration to get me drawing again, and for the Tim Holtz blog for inspiring me to do my monthly creative post. I'm going to doodle more now, as it's good for the soul!

Update on "The Strike", the band my son is in. Yes!!!! Last night (June 11th) they won the final competition and will be opening up for Kelly Clarkson and Carly Rae Jepsen at  the Fourth of July "Stadium of Fire" celebration!!! It was so exciting!!! All the bands were great so it was an honor to watch everyone who participated, and we are so excited they get to play for a crowd of about 50,000 people next month! Wow!!!!!

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