Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 2014 Tag - Life is a Circus Watercolor!

I tried out the watercolors following the Tim Holtz June - 12 Tags of 2014 tutorial! The technique is also in the book "a compendium of curiosities vol.III" by Tim Holtz. Such a handy reference of creative techniques! I love this book!
Here's my Circus Tag!
I had so many cute circus stamps that wouldn't fit on the tag, so I will have to make another circus project soon! I love the slightly demented-looking rusty clown embellishment at the top! I found the creepy clown embellishment on etsy, there are still some left!

Here's a link to the cute baby elephant graphic I used from Free-Image-Friday at Land of Nod Studio's blog!

I've always enjoyed the oddities of the circus. Once during a "sick day" I watched all the episodes of the reality tv series "Circus" and was fascinated.

I also have a bit of the circus in my heritage. My great-great-great grandfather had a step sister of German descent that was a rather large and hefty woman, he wrote in a journal. As his family was preparing to go out West across the American plains, his family had to stay behind while a special covered wagon was constructed for her large size. She eventually made it across the plains becoming the largest woman to cross the plains by covered wagon (from his journal), and she later joined the circus where she hit the big time becoming the original "fat lady" of the Barnum and Bailey circus. You never know what you're going to find when you do family history! =)

Someday I hope to find a photo or drawing of her in some archives somewhere, but for now all I know is what was written about her in my ancestor's journal.
Update: Great-great-great-aunt "Lottie Grant" (stage name) grave and bio. I found out that she also learned to be a snake charmer as well. What a life! Lottie Grant photo.

Even though I am not of unusual size, I can identify as sometimes life can be just as odd as the strangest of circus attractions!

So I had fun making this tag, and hope to make a few more circus projects!

It was fun getting out the ink and water coloring. I'm becoming more confident with stamping and hope to someday master the process, but am still kind of uncoordinated at the stamping.

Then again, I might join the circus. I'll go work on my juggling!!!

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