Monday, December 3, 2012

70's end table turns British Invasion!!!

My British Invasion End Table Project

I found a brown 70's end table for $5.00. (Again forgot to take the before photo.) Picture brown, brown, brown, with the rustic darker dents...kind of appropriate for that gold and avocado green era. I'm sure there are some microscopic shag carpet fibers underneath.

Some people see ugly brown beat up end table with jam splotches on it. I see British Invasion! The door on the front reminded me of a British phone booth for some reason. So I painted the whole thing colonial blue. Then I taped off the British flag and painted each color. I just freehanded it with the tape. Yeah baby, that's what I'm talking about!!!

I used this great green painters tape that is awesome. It prevents the paint from bleeding through. I just used acrylic paint for the flag as I will eventually varnish over it to protect it.

I bought a big clock knob for the door, as it reminded me of big ben.

Next I will add some kind of British symbol on the shelf. Haven't decided yet. There is glass that goes on the top but I put it somewhere to protect it while I'm working on it. (Can't remember where I put it's really safe now as I'll probably never find it.)

So that's it so far...still a work in progress.

Here are the before photos.


  1. I have many photos of the work in progress including... a before photo! I'll email them to ya.


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