Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 2013 tag based on Tim Holtz tags of 2013

Here is my May 2013 tag based on the Tim Holtz 12-tags-of-2013 tutorial for May!

Here's a link to the big version of the photo of the tag, don't look too close!
I really struggled with this tag as the rub-ons were being difficult. The rub-ons do work out nicely as a resist. Mine were old and had lost their stick-um. Then I struggled with my ink colors as well. They were looking kind of drab. I need some more ink colors, so I ordered some. Yay! Then when I stamped with the archival ink over the rub-ons, I couldn't get the ink off the rub-ons like I wanted for a layered effect. I do love the dragon with the bright red embossing powder though! BUT you can't see my fish on the right edge as they are all covered up. I wanted there to be many koi fish.
Oh, and then I noticed I stamped the chinese symbols upside-down.  So now you have to stand on your head to have peace, love, joy, hope, or whatever the symbols say.
So I breathed in deeply, felt the zen in my tag, and said, "Such is art!" Love the process, right! An artistic project is what it is, a snapshot of a creative moment. 
I had fun making a few jewelry embellishments that would go with my tag. I planned on using them to cover up the areas that I was not pleased with, but then I decided to enjoy my problem tag, and embellish my mistakes instead of covering them up. 
In the end I turned out liking this tag in spite of my trouble. It was a great stress reliever for a hectic week of work and extra-curricular activities.
My son's band was participating in a band competition, kind of like a small-scale local American Idol, but with bands. If they win, they will get to open up for Kelly Clarkson at a local concert on the Fourth of July. They made it to the final four groups that are still left in the running, but the whole process involved competition brackets and facebook voting, and mud-slinging comments by voters, and it stressed me out. Glad that part of the competition is over, and they came out of it ok. Anyways, they are a talented group of creative musicians and it would be fun to see them perform at a big venue!!! They write their own music and are all nice college boys that wear suits. I will include a link to their video at the end of the blog.

The final four groups will all perform at a local venue in a few weeks, where they will get the final vote from the judges to see which group gets to open up for Kelly Clarkson. Oh, the suspense!

So it was a fun, but stressful week leaving us on the edge of our seats all of the time!

I was very distracted in my projects and couldn't seem to accomplish anything without making lots of blunders.

So here is a Chinese proverb that goes with this month's tag process that used rub-ons.

 A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trial
Chinese proverb

Take a brief moment here to in the tag...
feng shui...and all kinds of peaceful thoughts here...

(Victoria in Chinese Symbols)

Here's the band.

Band: The Strike
Original Song: Robbing me Blind
Competition: Stadium of Fire 2013 Talent Competition


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