Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Vintage Chandelier Makeover

Here is my chandelier makeover project.

I found an old brown 70's wood chandelier. It cost $3.00. I forgot to take a before photo of it. It had the plastic candles with the candelabra bulbs and lots of frayed wire. I took it apart to get the old dangerous wiring and plastic candles and lightbulbs out. There aren't any electronics in it anymore as they were all broken and the wires were all frayed. I painted all the wood white. (Had to clean out all the spiderwebs first.) The light area was just the right size for my 4 battery candles. Yay.

It was missing the bottom finial, so I bought a replacement finial at Lowes. I also found some washers in the light figure parts area to cap off the electronic area to make a solid base for the battery candles.

Then I put it all back together and it's adorable.

I was going to use it outside as a light fixture to hang down from a backyard canopy for a picnic, but now it's cold outside so I decided to just hang it up for fun, then I can take it outside whenever.

 Here's what it looks like when the battery candles are turned on. It's not very convenient to climb up there and turn them on, but sometimes you have to sacrifice convenience for "the artistic vision". Now all I need are those battery candles with a remote control.


Here is a movie I didn't even know I was taking while I snapped the photos. It shows the candles flickering.

Cute and easy project if you like giving old stuff a makeover. The hardest part is figuring out how to put it all back together again.

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