Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frightening Halloween Jars and Potions

I purchased some scary apothecary jar labels on etsy and collected some jars to put them on.

I printed out the labels on cardstock. Then I put clear packing tape over them to laminate them. Then I cut them out. Then I ran them through a xyron sticker maker to put adhesive on the back of the labels. Then I stuck them on the jars. I like to seal around the label edges with some glitter fabric paint. On some I used glue around the label and sprinkled on some embellishments. These jars are frightening, especially under the eerie glow of the "cow candle".

 I filled them with scary candy. Kids that came trick-or-treating were afraid of the jars, so I had to take the candy out and give it to them. 


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Button-eyed Crazy Pumpkins and Slash the Snowman

I love these pumpkins. I crocheted them from a free pumpkin pattern from Planet June!

But of course I had to give them some faces I could love and here they are. I keep them up year-round.

I need to make some more of these!!!

I also made a snowman version using the same pattern. I found a crochet hat and carrot pattern somewhere and added the hat on the snowman.

I named the snowman "Slash", because he looks kind of like the "Guns N Roses" slash with the hat...well if you are not seeing the resemblence, then you have not been crocheting long enough!!!

I spend a few minutes crocheting something strange during my lunch-hour sometimes.

I need to make some more of these. I love coming up with the faces.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Spooky Halloween Owls, creepy beaded spiders, and scary apothacary jars

Here are the owls I painted for Halloween from Crafty Wood Cutouts.

I put scrapbook paper on the front. I used some buttons I had for the eyes.

Scary beaded spiders!!!

There are tutorials all over the internet on how to make these. My friend at work made some and inspired me to make some. Here they are.

Here are some scary bottles I made

The corks are made from potpourri items that looked the right size. I just drew a jack skellington face on a gourd from a bag of potpourri. I stuck a wire in the gourd and glued in into the cork.  The orange jar is topped with something from the potpourri bag that was the right size. Don't know what kind of plant/seed pod it is. I still need to fill them with something. The clear jar is a vinegar bottle and I got the orange jar at hobby lobby. I print the lables on my ink-jet printer, then cover the label with clear packing tape to laminate it. Then I run it through a xyron sticker maker to put adhesive on the back, then I stick the label on. I usually seal the edges with some fabric paint or glossy accents to make the label more water resistant. (You can't put them in the dishwasher, they are only water-resistant.)

Happy Halloween!

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