Sunday, August 10, 2014

My August Tag - Tim Holtz 12 Tags of 2014
I've been playing along with the Tim Holtz 12 tags of 2014! Here is my August Tag.
This month the objective was to "follow your muse", to get lost in the process.

This is what happened. I had been working on a Frankenstein monster project for Compendium of Curiosities III Challenge and so I was still thinking "Frankenstein". I did use several of the techniques that Tim used on his August tag. I used some tissue tape for a stamp. I used texture paste through a crackle stencil that kind of looks like lightening. I used distress paint through a stencil, distress ink through a stencil, it's hard to see all of it now. I used distress embossing powder to create some "rust".

I ended up cutting the tag up and then stapling it back together with the tiny attatcher, and then I also sewed some of it back together until I had "created a monster tag!" I rusted the staples, and my electrical wire.

The tag is actually a large manila folder tag I cut out and mounted to a Masonite plaque shape that I painted green. It's larger than a tag.

So I just kind of let the tag happen.

"Life is happening" right now not exactly "according to plan", (Loud Scream here!!!)

So I thought the sentiment was fitting. I love the expression on the "Bride of Frankenstein's" face. I can identify. I also have a similar hairstyle at the moment, not on purpose.

Just recovering from a 3-day bout with a viscous stomach flu. (Bubbling Cauldron here!!!)

So I lost 3 days, was a little delirious...not sure what happened...BUT I lost a few pounds, so hey, it wasn't all bad. And today I finally could eat real food, so I immediately ate chips and fresh salsa from my garden! Felt a little queasy afterwards but I'm on the mend!!!

And I did finish two monster projects...and got to follow my muse...which was monster go along with my Frankenstein flu virus and hairstyle this weekend!!

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  1. This is a really cool Tag! I love the background. Great stitching and image. Karen.x


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