Friday, April 20, 2012

Taking the Tim Holtz Chemistry 101 Course!

My  tags from the Creative Chemistry 101 course. Never got to post them to the gallery as I took the class late and the gallery was closed.

Tried to post them to the current Summer of Creative Chemistry Challenge 2016, but you can only post new tags created just for that particular challenge so they removed my link. It's ok, I don't need to play along.

So here are my tags for my reference only.

I look back at them with fondness as I was just learning.

  Yes, the black tag is ugly, but I have to laugh at it now. You can't see the shimmer in the photo. Got carried away with the colors and it turned out black. I learned the technique though. I'm a believer in enjoying the process, and in my case I enjoyed the process to blackout! Now I have a great technique for a spooky Halloween background!

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