Monday, December 10, 2012

Make a table out of scrabook paper!!!

I always get frustrated when I purchase a new favorite scrapbook paper design because I don't want to hide it away in a scrapbook somewhere. I want to look at it. Some of the designs are suitable for framing, or in my case for making furniture out of...

So I started making tables with my favorite sheet of scrapbook paper on top!  
That way I can always look at it.

For this table I took a piece of pressboard 13" square. I decoupaged a red sheet of paper on top, and a favorite sheet of scrapbook paper on top. I bought some table legs at home depot, the kind that come with brackets that you can screw into the bottom of the table top. Then you can screw the legs into the brackets. I then got some trim for the table and had it mitre cut and used a nail gun to nail the trim to the table top. Then I stained the whole table and then varnished it. I like the oil-based varnish for tables. I used glossy. Then I could not leave it alone, so I put glue and mica glitter around the table as well. Viola. I can look at the scrapbook paper all of the time, PLUS I can put even more gobby Christmas decorations on it! Excellent!

Here are some more tables with scrapbook paper on top.

For this table I used some shelving laminate with the fake woodgrain already done. I just decopauged the sheet of scrapbook paper right over the laminate. I love the legs on this table! They are the same type of pre-done table leg with the screw in brackets. If you want it to cost less to make, you can cut your own table legs out of wood and screw them into the table top. Then you can glue another piece of wood on top of that for your table top. Somehow I found a few sets of square embellishments from the scrapbook store and stuck each one around the table. Then the varnish kind of stuck them down permanently.  I love this little table!!!

I used music tissue paper on this table. I stuck it down with decopauge glue which made it wrinkle for a different effect...we'll say it was on purpose...then I stained it a little to make it look old. It was originally the white music print tissue paper. Then after I varnished the table it looked a little vintage.

This blog post made me remember that I have several other tables I wanted to make, so I'll be gathering my supplies for when it's warm. It's hard to make the tables in the garage when it's cold outside as the varnish never dries. It freezes. So wait until spring but don't forget to save your cute Christmas scrapbook paper for a new table top. I'm going to make a halloween table this year!!!

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