Thursday, September 22, 2016

Halloween "Spooky" cabinet - Following the Emma Williams Project Tutorial from

I've taken a year-long break from posting any projects to this blog. Instead, I spent some precious time with family and I got to play with a grand-baby every day! I put away all the little trinkets for a time and just enjoyed the family while they were nearby.

All those Halloween projects have been enticing me to get out the collection of spooky stuff and make some of those projects all the talented artists have been posting tutorials for.
I was so excited by the Halloween tutorials on the Tim Holtz website, especially the "Wicked" project by Emma Williams. If you want to follow her tutorial like I did click here.

Here is how mine turned out! I didn't have all the supplies, but it's very close! Her tutorial was easy to follow. I especially love the new Tim Holtz curly sizzix thinlits die! I didn't have the Tim Holtz pumpkins so I just used some small floral pumpkins. JoAnns only carried a few Tim Holtz Halloween items. It's hard to find Tim Holtz supplies unless I order them online. I was happy to find the little domes!

I used 2 owl feet I had on the front corners of the box.

For the back of the box, I wanted it to lean back a little so it wouldn't tip over so I made a little stand that sits a little lower than the feet. I made a "spell book" by wrapping some "Spell Book" paper over a wooden book shape. I glued it to the back to make a stand.

I had lots of fun making Emma's project! You should make one too! I love the new Tim Holtz wooden boxes! They are so handy and lightweight. They look awesome without having to do anything to them. I also love the Tim Holtz Halloween washi tape, and the bones!

I love fall and Halloween projects. Glad I got to share a crafty project again, even though it's not my project, I love it just as much. Thanks to Emma Williams for her great tutorial!

There are so many fun tutorials and projects to try. =)

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