Sunday, August 23, 2015

Belated Final Compendium of Curiosity III Tribute Project

What a fun and life changing experience it has been to have participated in the Compendium of Curiosity iii Challenges this past year and a half! Thanks to Linda Ledbetter and the Curiosity Crew for the Adventure!

In the middle of my final project, I was rear-ended in my car at a stop light and became a little injured so I was unable to complete my final challenge project on time, but now that I'm feeling much better, I wanted to post my finished project!

"It came from within her"

No this isn't the title to a 1960's bad horror movie, but is a tribute to what I have learned from the Curiosity Crew , all the participants, and the wonderful techniques and challenges from the Tim Holtz book "Compendium of Curiosity iii". Hope there will someday be another book!
Throughout these somewhat challenging challenges I have been inspired to push beyond, through the blank stare into my pile of craft supplies, to find the curious and artistic inventions within me. I have learned that it is best to do what I love, and just create whatever I feel like and then the project speaks!

Through the challenges I have learned that when you speak from within, the projects connect with others.

I have learned from your examples of perseverance through the many artistic challenges, your failures that turned out to be victories, and the sometimes accidental greatness! I have marveled at your genius and creativity, and sometimes over-the-top impossible projects gone crazy! You are my people! 

My project is a reminder that we are all powered by something within, and from there springs forth who we are. Let it shine! Whether it sparks you to bake, run a marathon, be a friend, tend a puppy, take photos, grow a garden, take a nap outside...whatever it is...let it be...and let it be you!

Thanks to Tim Holtz and team for their techniques and products! 

Thanks to the Compendium of Curiosity sponsors! 

From the side view you can actually see the technique from Challenge #34 which was the final challenge, Layering Stencil: monoprint from page 48 of the Tim Holtz book Compendium of Curiosity iii.

Here's how the project started. A box from JoAnns. It came as a set of nesting boxes. I had a set of battery led lights on a thin wire I got last Halloween or Christmas. The switch lets you choose continuous light mode, flashing light, or pulsating which happened to be great for a beating heart!

The paper mache heart was from Hobby Lobby. I had always admired the silver steampunk heart in the box project from Tim Holtz and wanted to make my own version.
 I cut a hole in the heart, be careful!
 Painted the heart black.
From there I used whatever I had. Some wooden bits from Hobby Lobby. A plastic jar that looked like a lightbulb from Hobby Lobby. The heart has gear dies cut from foam, glued on, painted, and antiqued. I used Ranger distress paint, distress inks, alcohol inks and Decoart media products for the entire project.
The plastic letters were from hobby lobby. The domino has alcohol ink. The "within" are "thickers" glitter letters colored with alcohol ink. The "from" are tiny American Craft wooden letters.
Since the battery pack is glued on the back, the project was back-heavy and wanted to tip backwards easily, so I glued a black rock to the bottom front to balance the project and make it stable and sit solid.

Besides the heart, my other favorite technique is the "lightbulb".

I printed the moon man on ink-jet acetate. I cut it out but leaving it a thick handle piece of acetate the width of the bulb base. It will look like a sucker with a thick long acetate stick. That way I could use that "handle" to manipulate the acetate inside the light bulb and it keeps it in place as well. To get the acetate inside the jar, just curl it a little and fit it up inside, then the acetate springs back into shape and you can use your acetate "handle" to move it around to face the direction you want. It's very cool looking in person and a little creepy as moon man's eyes follow you around from any direction. 

I made the moon man's collar from cardboard and foam dots punched with a small paper punch, glued on, painted, and antiqued.

There is a tiny fawn resting on some bright green moss. The deer symbolizes the birth of my beautiful children and their children. The inside of the box has metallic cardstock on the back, and stenciled burlap glued on the the inside sides.

I used alcohol ink on the domino and the glittered letters. The from is painted with peeled paint distress paint.

To those of you artistic people who may be going through some hard times, I promise you that if you remember that you have something within that will help you make it through, you will be victorious in that challenge. It is better to focus on a creative outlet than to let the hardship take over. Use that hardship to express yourself through your creativity. Make that statement through your projects that you have it within you to persevere. 

I am happy to say that the "Compendium of Curiosity iii" challenge helped me to rise above and find the inner me artistically...and that has brought me peace. Most of the time I create projects that help me...but this time the project is for all of you!

My moon man lightbulb shines down on you all and says "Thanks!"


"It came from within her" movie.


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so very honored with your tribute to us at the Curiosity Crew! Thank you so much! We have learned from you as well and have absolutely LOVED each and every one of your fabulous projects! This project is so incredible - the details are over-the-top! I really enjoyed your step-vu-step tutorial! Glad you are all right after being rear-ended! I sure hope to see a lot more of your artwork in the future! All the best

  2. Seriously, you had me in tears! Such an honor for to honor us, and despite the pain you must have been in, you carried on. That blows me away! This project is beyond fabulous! I would totally buy! I LOVE that it lights up, and the video was precious! You are so wonderful, and I am so glad you were inspired by us, and know that I...we...were and are inspired by you!

  3. WOW OH WOW!!! This post is so heartfelt and so genuine that I could literally FEEL your passion through your words! YOU GET IT!!! You get that your art comes from within and in order to be completely in love with it, it HAS to be YOUR ART from YOUR TRUTH, YOIR PERSPECTIVE. I totally love what you said in your blog post. I am so humbled that we had such an impact on your giving yourself permission to just let it go and create. I love that!! Your creations were so amazing! So well thought out and executed. I loved your uniqueness and your willingness to be different, dare to think outside the box. And your results were some amazing art!! Thank you for your lovely words. They truly mean the world to me. I love this final tribute piece. It is so unique, so creative and one you will love for years to come! Don't ever forget that so many things come from within!!! ❤️

  4. What an amazing creation and touching tribute. We've been so lucky to have you share your imaginative works of whimsical art along our challenge journey. You are such an inspiration. I hope you are doing better and feeling good soon. I love how you speak of creating and its powers. So true. Thank you Vic!

  5. Oh my word...after a very emotional day...I just sat and read this over and over and let the tears flow! What an amazing blog post...the words, the art, the person that you are! I have found so much inspirations from my fellow crew mates as well as all of you! This piece speaks to me. I LOVE the message. I needed to read this...needed the reminder. Thank you so much for all your kind comments and for joining in those challenging challenges with us! Loved getting to know you here and seeing your expression of art! Keep it up, have faith in your abilities and SHINE that unique light that is only yours to shine! Thank you Vic!

  6. Vic, I am blown away by your project and all the meaning behind it. I'm also very touched. Thank for your support, enthusiasm, and participation throughout the entire CC3C series. I hope you are mending well and not in too much pain from the accident.

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