Saturday, January 18, 2014

Snowflake Ornaments - Made from Tim Holtz Snowflake Rosette die

I made 4 snowflake ornaments using the Tim Holtz Snowflake Rosette die! It's an amazing die! 

I used some scrapbook paper with an ice pattern. I added blue denim distress ink to the edges, mica glitter randomly, and I also added embellishments to the centers. I used tissue tape on the back before folding so the perforations don't tear when you fold it up. If you don't have tissue tape, you can cut a strip of newspaper the same width as tissue tape and glue it on the back with a glue stick. I've done that and it works too.

To learn how to make the paper snowflakes using the Snowflake die, you can follow this video tutorial by Tim Holtz for making paper rosettes as the technique is the same. It's an excellent tutorial!

Look what "It's raining jelly beans" made with the same die! Beautiful! She gave her creations away as Christmas gifts! Wouldn't it be nice to be on her Christmas list!?

I love this die! The snowflakes look complicated to make but really they are easy and turn out spectacular! They are pretty stiff once assembled so they can stand up on their own on a shelf or you could hang them and they dangle beautifully. I've seen someone make an entire wreath decorated with these snowflakes.

I love snowflakes for their simplistic beauty, and would frame the real snowflakes if I could, but they do not last, as they melt ... after we ski on them, turning into water, which then evaporates ... and stuff. I'm sure there are many metaphors for life in there somewhere, but all I'm saying is, make a snowflake, it's fun, and they last on your shelf, and they sparkle! That's good enough for me!

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