Saturday, January 18, 2014

It's Thanksgiving in January - I finally made the Querky Turkeys, using the Tim Holtz Rosette die and tutorial!

Last year I saw these "querky turkey's" on the web and I was jealous because I had no querky turkeys for my thanksgiving celebrations and the tutorial was so 2011 and all the cool people made theirs already.

But this year, I tackled the "querky turkey" and made these 4. Still not in time for Thanksgiving this year, but by Thanksgiving 2014, mine will finally be complete and will be just as festive as those everyone else created in 2011!!! (Ok, mine are still missing the adorable "tickets" in the tutorial...but eventually mine will be finished!)

Here's the great tutorial by Tim Holtz that shows how to make them!

Remember to put a strip of tissue tape on the back of the paper after it has been cut out, but before folding so it doesn't tear at the perforations as you fold it up. Instead of tissue tape, I used a strip of newspaper the same width as tissue tape glued on with a glue stick. It's on the back so you don't see it, but if you do, newspaper still looks cute.

It's never too late to celebrate the noble turkey, which almost became our national bird!

And join with me in my tradition of celebrating any holiday you want at any time by making holiday decorations. It's January and I still have a large Halloween skull pottery in my yard with purple faux feathers coming out of the head. Yep, still got my Christmas Trees up. I also made a few Thankgiving turkeys! It's all good. Let's not worry about the small boring stuff when there's glitter to be applied!

Make a gaggle of gobblers in january, that's what I always say.

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