Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Rusty Steampunk Santa Star

I was browsing the decoart blog and saw this mixed media project by Elly Pirally and recognized the Santa as I have the mold already. Here is a link to the project tutorial on the Decoart blog and you should check it out! Decoart Christmas Star mixed media project by Elly Pirally.

I made my Steampunk Santa Star using the same colors. Instead of using eggshells, I used a wooden star and covered it with some rusty looking scrapbook paper using matte medium. I used turquoise sculpey clay in the Santa Mold. The big gear in the middle is a plaster gear from a gear mold I have that you can get here. I painted it with Modern Masters Iron paint and used the rust solution on it afterwards. The large gear has real rust now because the paint has iron in it. The Santa has the faux patina created with decoart products. (See the tutorial by Elly Pirally to see how to create the Santa!) The only thing I did different on the santa was to use sculpey bake clay.

The smaller gears were cut out of craft foam sheets with the Tim Holtz "gearhead" set of dies.

The snowflake is a wooden snowflake I painted and antiqued with English Red Oxide antiquing cream from decoart.

The project is pretty large, more than 1 foot wide. It will be great for hanging on my front door instead of a wreath at Christmas time. Too bad I finished it after Christmas! So many little time!

The Santa mold is available on Amazon here.
The gear mold is available on Amazon as well.
The modern masters rust kit is available here.
The decoart supplies can be found here.
Tim Holtz gearhead dies

Thanks to Elly Pirally for her great tutorial and inspiration and for the decoart blog and a shout out to Andy Skinner Techniques as well!


  1. Brilliant, Vicki. Love your implementaion and thanks for mention me.Very much appreciated ♥ xoxo Elly

  2. LOVE that Santa! This is very cool and so yummy grungy. LOVE the gears too. Happy New Year!


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