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Compendium of Curiosities iii, Challenge 15 - Red Riding Hood & Baby Wolf in Cabinet Card Pocket

I am participating in the Compendium of Curiosities iii Challenge on the Studio L3 blog by Linda Ledbetter. For Challenge 15 we are using the Tim Holtz cabinet card pocket frames as found on page 38 of Compendium of Curiosities 3 by Tim Holtz.

Challenge 15 is sponsored by Inspiration Emporium who will provide a $50 shopping spree for the winner of the challenge, with more prizes courtesy of Tim Holtz and Mario Rossi for the fabulous Curiosity Crew's choice winner! Excellent.

A fairy tale project 
This project turned out to be a story book fairy tale featuring 2 beautiful grand-children as Red Riding Hood, and her pesky wolf little brother! He also doubles as the lumberjack in the story - just in case he hated the wolf hat! He usually doesn't keep hats on very well.

Inspiration behind the project goes to...
I got the idea for the project on the Cackle and Hoot blog by Lora Mahaffey! She did a Red Riding Hood project that I love. Check out her blog as her projects are amazing!

This is a large project using 2 2X4's glued together. The wood turned out to be about 6" X 9". I distress stained all the wooden parts with walnut stain distress ink. Then I glued on some paper, and spattered and distressed it.

Blinged out Cabinet Card
I used the wood grain embossing folder on the cabinet card frame and distressed it. I purchased the "Once Upon a Time" title in the jewelry section of Hobby Lobby and added many dangling charms. I like the paw with bling! Tessie Red Riding Hood was adorable with her basket of goodies. She was in character and was scared that a real wolf might be lurking around the bend. She kept giving me the basket of goodies since I am the grandma. Little Leo wolf was a good sport and kept his hat on for the photos! Fotochic studio had a special $20.00 Halloween event where the photographer shoots photos at an outdoor location for your 10 minute appointment and you get to keep all the digital images!!! It was perfect for toddlers as their attention span maxed out at about 10 minutes of posing! Leo is a famous supermodel at the photo studio as his baby photo is on their website! Check out baby Leo as Yoda! Being a jedi is so tiring! He's going to love that photo when he's older! ;)

The meadow
So my walnut stained project base looked kind of boring, so I created a little woodland scene using green moss ribbon (its moss on a roll about 4" wide.) Then I glued on little green flowers and some plastic miniature deer. They are very tiny deer!

Drop-Caps are Cool
I put a storybook title on the side of my book-like project that says "A Basket of Goodies for Grandma". I love drop-caps in old storybooks! I especially love the letterpress fonts by Jessica Hische! Here is a link to her drop-cap-daily page with many drop-caps! She allows you to use them if they are for personal use! She is so talented!

My own fairy tale
I decided the Red Riding Hood story is a little creepy, so I created my own version of the story. In my story, Grandma tames the baby wolf, and outwits the big bad wolf. Then they all live happily ever after, playing with grandma, and eating goodies! The end!

Method Acting
Tessie was so adorable as Red Riding Hood and took her job of getting the goodies safely to grandma very seriously! She never smiled once but knew her mission, goodies to grandmas house. She has quite an imagination and was in character for the whole photo shoot. She was no longer Tessie, but was Red Riding Hood. This is funny as her mommy is a drama teacher! Tessie, the budding little method actress!

The deer are very happy on this side of the project and are jumping around! The tree branch is the Tim Holtz old tree die. I just cut it up a little and called it a branch. Love the crackle on the the branch, but you can't see it very well in the photo.

It was fun to make a storybook project, and to make up my own version of the fairy tale. I created a quick youtube video of the project and story for Tessie so she can watch it on the ipad. The toddlers would dismantle this project in about 3 minutes, so they can watch it on youtube instead!

I have enjoyed the Compendium of Curiosity iii challenges! Sometimes they are very challenging and other times the projects just happen! It's been fun for me to just "go with whatever" and see what happens! I've learned a lot and have created a lot of fun projects that I wouldn't have created otherwise! I love to look at what others have created and am so inspired by you! You ROCK!

Thanks for sharing my little fairy tale with me!


  1. Wow this is absolutely amazing - love all the story behind it and the way you have created it - brilliant

  2. ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS Vic!!! Both sides are a delight, and all the embellies and die cuts are wonderful! The base is perfect for this too! I love how creative you inspiring to me! Thanks for much for playing along with us on the Cabinet Card Pocket challenge at CC3Challenge!!!

  3. Vic...being a grandma myself, my heart melted when I saw your darling creation. Your grandchildren are precious. This piece is simply amazing! So original and such a darling keepsake marking this moment in time of your grandchildren. I love your use of Tim's cabinet cards. The embossing on them and the metallic industrial borders really change their appearance. I love how you have elevated the wood blocks onto the stand and all of the little deer underneath. Your trees and branch die cuts and the metallic embellishments really accent your piece so perfectly. LOVE IT and thanks for joining us and sharing this lovely piece with all of us at CC3C. <3 Candy

  4. What a wonderful keepsake you have created, Vic! I LOVE this project and the Red Riding Hood theme! It was so clever of you to emboss the cabinet cards and to use two of them on either side of wood blocks! I love the embellishments and the deer at the base of the piece - it really rounds out the "woodsy" theme. So well done!

  5. Well ok. Loved your ending a whole lot better! Thanks for detailing how you went about making the whole thing...

  6. A wonderful keepsake Vic! Great embellishments and love those cute photos too. Fabulous! Karen.x

  7. Shazam!!! I love this project so much. The photos are precious and the colors so vivid - LOVE all your embellishing. Thanks for joining us at CC3C!

  8. AMAZING inspiration! Absolutely love the concept and the way you carried it out. What precious granddaughters you have. Love that you shared the link for your original inspiration, thanks. xx

  9. I meant grandchildren, so sorry. Off to get some coffee and wake up lol. xx

  10. This is fantastic! I love all of your details and of course, the kidlets are adorable! Thanks for giving me a knod!


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