Sunday, August 3, 2014

Queen Elizabunny - The paperclay folk-art doll!

I took a Folk-Art Doll Class

This month I've been taking an online course offered by The Artful Gathering. The course I'm taking is called Rosaleen Rabbit by Colleen Moody. Registration is closed for the session, but sometime in November the dvd from the online course will be available to purchase from their website if you want to make your own!

Rabbits are Trendy

I've been noticing woodland animal designs everywhere lately! In clothing designs, home decorating, product packaging, etc. I purchased several baby and childrens clothing items with funky woodland animal designs for my grandbabies!

Learned to sculpt with Paperclay

In the course we learn to mold the adorable rabbit dolls using paperclay. The course uses lots of different mediums, the body is sewn so you work with fabric. The head, shoulders, arms and legs are sculpted using clay. We paint and antique the dolls, then we sew costumes for the dolls. You can even make some jewelry for your doll!

She's Finished

Here is my rabbit doll all finished! She is about 16" tall. She turned out quite regal so I named her "Queen Elizabunny"! She is very elegant and dignified, but she is also kind with a sense of duty. It's just how she turned out.

"Queen Elizabunny"!

An Important Portrait

 Here she ponders her many responsibilities...and carrots.

"Queen Elizabunny" sitting on her throne.

Take a break here for tea and carrots

It has been a very rewarding course and I have learned a lot. I struggled with the clay at first, especially the ears but I figured it out! I have made lots of dolls over the years, but have never made a doll with a clay head starting from scratch. The clay head technique is new to me. I love her. I have one more smaller rabbit doll to finish. I have to go create her a suitable outfit that matches her personality.

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Link to Collen Moody's blog: Colleen Moody blog.

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