Sunday, July 20, 2014

The amigurumi "Three little pigs"!!!

What does the crochet fox say!

I took a fun course from Annie's Patterns called "Learn to crochet amigurumi" by Michele Wilcox. I wanted to take the course because the fox project enticed me as it was so cute.
I made the fox first and mine looks exactly like the fox in the photo. It's adorable. 

Three Little Pigs

Anyway, there was also a pig pattern so I decided to make the "3 little pigs" for my grand-daughter's birthday next month. She can't read yet, so my secret is safe. Here they are!!!

No Big Bad Wolf?!

Tessie will love them...but there is no "Big Bad Wolf"! Maybe that's why these pigs looks so happy. So I decided there HAS to be a "Big Bad Wolf"! I will make the wolf using the fox pattern, except it will need to have Big Sharp Teeth, so I will make 2 fox snouts, and turn them into a wolf mouth, then I will modify the star pattern to make some sharp teeth. We'll see how it goes. It might turn into the "Big Bad Deformed Monster" instead. My daughter wants to also make some collapsible houses out of felt.

The Annie's Crochet Course

The Annie's course was easy as it also comes with online video instruction as well as the pattern pdf file that you can print. I didn't need the video instruction as I'm experienced at crochet, but I think the project would be ok for a beginner as long as they use the video. I've been making crochet projects since I was about 10 years old and there isn't anything too tricky in the patterns. The pigs aren't the usual tiny amigurumi size, but are about 10 inches tall which is the perfect size for Tessie's birthday. I used purchased safety eyes that can't come out, and the nose is simple embroidery.

Tessie Peeks

Tessie is always very interested in what is going on in my crochet bag. She peeks in and grabs whichever part is in there, and says "Piggy" looking a little confused, but then she takes whatever piece, the head, or an unfinished foot, and takes it on a walk around the house by it's "Leash" which is the long piece of yarn I leave on the end. I think she's just as happy taking the unfinished piece on a walk as she will be with her birthday present! She's got a good imagination!

It was fun to make these adorable little piggies! Watch your backs piggies as I'll start working on the "Big Bad Wolf" soon!

Ok, so it took some time, but here is the Big Bad Wolf all finished!!

I modified the "fox" pattern that is part of the class, and gave him a hat, and the big bad wolf is now the "star" of the story!

My grand-daughter loves them and they all go on many rides together in the toy stroller. My daughter made a collapsible felt house for them so the wolf can "blow the house down"!

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  1. They are adorable. What a great idea for a wolf! I think it will be perfect! Thank you for putting these on your blog. My grand kids do the same thing with unfinished animal parts, so funny! Michele Wilcox.


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