Sunday, November 17, 2013

Spooky Halloween Mini Hutch Altered Art Shrine

It's well into November so I'm a little late finishing my Halloween mini-hutch project but here it is. It's very spooky and loaded with treasures. The mini-hutch base is from Alphastamps. They had a mini-halloween hutch swap that looked interesting. I started my project after their swap was over, but I was inspired by all of their entries in their mini-hutch swap gallery. Their entries enticed me into working on that blank hutch I'd purchased several months ago. I'd already made some spooky treasures with no home yet.

The hutch kit pieces fit together with some tabs that you glue into place. The kit comes with the hutch, a bat, and 3 skull cutouts! I painted the hutch, then papered and glittered it! The dragon/monster is a jewelry charm. The tiny jars are filled with glitter. I used halloween tissue tape for the jar labels. The table is a small spool with wire. There is a bat flying on the wire.

Here's the back of the hutch. I filled it with just as much spooky stuff as the front. 

I made the candles out of polymer clay. I made the pumpkin following a tutorial from miniature artist Caroline Mcfarlane-Watts. The orange skull is a ceramic bead and I added the chain fringe. The candles are attached to a dollhouse platter, and the black chain is attached to the platter handles. The cauldron-looking flagpole holder is just a small wooden knob-like item found in the craft store near all the packages of small wooden shapes.

Here's the side of the mini-hutch. The little girl graphic is from a collage sheet from Alphastamps. 

Here's the other side of the mini-hutch.

This witch is from another collage sheet from Alphastamps. You can see the fringe on the orange ceramic skull bead from this angle.

I made a flag for the top out of a wooden skewer painted black. The flag is some tissue tape. I topped it off with a green bead and owl bead on a headpin that I cut off and glued on the top.

Here's a close up of the scary items.

The paper trim is from the Tim Holtz die called Ironwork Gate. After I die-cut it from cardstock I just snipped off pieces that I needed, painted them black, and glued them on. The die makes great trim.

I really enjoyed making the hutch so my next project will probably be a Christmas hutch of some kind. The finished size is only 2 3/4" X 5 3/4", so it's not very big. I enjoyed making this project because it wasn't overwhelming as it was small and gave me somewhere to display all the tiny treasures I had created.
So Happy Belated Halloween from my spooky cupboard! Make one, its lots of fun!

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